In today's home building construction, cultured marble and solid surfacing is taking an ever increasing role. Since the beginning of cultured marble, during the late 1950's, the manner in which the product has been manufactured remains relatively the same. However, due to research and modern technology, the quality of cultured marble is considered to be exceptional.

The composition of cultured marble consists of 75% stone marble, granulated to a sugar form and 25% polyester resin and combined together into a mixer forming the basis of the end product. While in the mixer, catalyst is injected into the mix creating a chain reaction ultimately causing the marble to form into a solid.

Also, during this process, various colors (specified by the customer) are injected at the proper times.

When all is mixed, the marble, still in liquid form, is poured by hand into and upon the various molds. During the next few hours, the chemical reactions of the mix and catalyst causes the product to take on its solid form, surrounding the molds.

Depending upon the product being formed, it will take between 4 to 12 hours for the hardened marble to be extracted from the molds, sanded, buffed and loaded on our delivery trucks, ready to be installed.

For a more detailed insight into how our products are manufactured, we invite you to visit our facilities for a personal guided tour.


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