For value, Montelli™ is the perfect product to use for your kitchen and bathroom. It is an affordable product that will protect your family and the investment in your home. Reasons Montelli™ is the perfect material for your kitchen and bath:

  • Variety --
    • Offers excellent color choices and selections
    • 30 optional colors to choose from
    • Pricing stays consistent on all optional colors
  • Longevity --
    • Ten year warranty and ISO9001 (International Certification) -- Contact us for more details
    • Peace of mind that your kitchen and bath will always look great
  • Maintenance --
    • Easy to maintain
    • Non-porous (liquid nor dirt can penetrate)
    • Easy to clean with standard household cleaners
  • Health --
    • Non-conspicuous seams do not trap dirt
    • Healthier and cleaner for you and your family
    • No voids or seams for bacteria or mold to hide and grow
    • Non-porous material provides a healthier environment for your family
  • Quality --
    • Same color and material throughout
    • No laminated or thin sheets of plastic glued to particleboard or wood to wear through or warp
    • Never needs polishing or resealing
    • Easy to repair -- Since Montelli™ is the same material throughout, repairs are simple
    • Minor scratches can be removed with a Scotch Brite pad or mild abrasive
    • Deeper scratches are removed by simply sanding with 220 grit sandpaper followed by using a maroon Scotch Brite with mild abrasive


Color Palettes

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